Beth and Holger at Ribera Beach

Who We Are

Beth, Holger and Tessa Hubbs:
We live in Pacific Grove, on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

We are best to be reached via email; but you can also leave us a voicemail: // (831) 296-2128 // (831) 275-0747



The Monterey Peninsula is located on the central California coast and comprises the cities of Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove, and unincorporated areas of Monterey County including the resort and community of Pebble

QUOTE: Catalysis is the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of an additional substance called a catalyst. With a catalyst, reactions occur faster and with less energy. Because catalysts are not consumed, they are recycled. Often only tiny amounts are required.


Hello Space Catalyst!
QUOTE: So, Space Catalysts are those who are in the process of setting up a space, from putting your stake in the ground (adding your intent to the wiki here under your locale) to meeting potential partners, all the way to opening your doors the first day…then you become a Space Owner, which is super fly!