Announcement from PG Economic Development Commission

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Email from the PG Economic Development Commission, February 23rd 2016:

We are thrilled to announce that

Satellite Work Centers

will becoming to Pacific Grove!

Please take a few minutes to complete this


to help Satellite get a better understanding of the needs of our community in regards to co-working and office space.

More information will be made available soon!
3rd Annual Business Walk

The City of PacificGrove’s Economic Development Commission, which is a volunteer group comprising of local business owners, residents and city and chamber officials, will be conducting our 3rd annual “Business Walk”  on Friday, March 18 2016 from 10am-noon. These volunteers will be visiting businesses in Pacific Grove’s five business districts – Forest Hill, Sunset Ave, Downtown, Central Avenue and the American Tin Cannery, to learn more about our local businesses and how we can help them strengthen and promote their business.  The volunteers will spend 5-10 minutes asking several questions including, (1) “How’s Business?” (2) “What do you like about doing business here?” and (3) “What can the City do to help you succeed?” Business owners and managers are encouraged to be at their business the morning of March 18th when the Business Walk teams are out. By taking the time to answer just a few questions about your business climate, you will be providing valuable information that business stakeholders in Pacific Grove can use in developing programs and services. Business walks have proven highly effective in strengthening local economies by retaining businesses in a community and creating an environment where they can grow. Companies with specific needs will be followed up and provided one-on-one assistance. After the Business Walk, a summary of the results will be posted to the

City of Pacific Grove’s website

. For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering for the Business Walk, please contact EDC Chair Jacquie Atchison at

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